Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

The warranty applies only to defects in materials or workmanship, not for misuse; for the term of specified for each product from the date of sale. In each product published on the portal, in the Warranty tab you can confirm the warranty time established for each product.

The guarantee will only be valid if:

It is verified that the damage was due to manufacturing defects and not due to improper or inappropriate use of the product.

The Warranty offered covers parts and labor. It does not cover oxidation, paint, batteries, or any part that has a wear or natural damage over time due to lack of maintenance or improper use of the product.

Legal guarantee process

To carry out the guarantee process, you must contact us by email info@smartgrill.com.co or to our service lines published on the portal.

If it is certified that the product actually has problems or factory defects, the warranty of the new product starts from the date it is received by the customer and until the established time. This repair is free and in case the failure is repeated, the customer will have the option of choosing the consumer: we must proceed to change the property, make a new repair or return the money.

The product must be dispatched by the customer to our factory located in the city of Bogotá D.C at 197 # 18 -72, where it will be checked, repaired or exchanged for a new unit.

– The guarantee is valid if it is within the Coverage Date

– The warranty begins to run from the day the product is delivered to the customer and is also suspended when the product is under repair or revision in the service center.

The product warranty is lost for any of these reasons:

– When used improperly or given a different use for which it was designed and this is demonstrable.

– For voltage fluctuations generated by electric shocks or lightning, vandalism, theft or the like.

– When it is installed, uncovered or repaired by a third party NOT AUTHORIZED by the supplier.

– When the guarantee certificate, serial number or model of the article suffer alterations or amendments.

– When accessories other than the original are used or repaired by personnel not authorized by the supplier.

When it is proven that the defect comes from:

1. Force majeure or fortuitous case.

2. The act of a third party.

3. That the consumer did not comply with the installation, use or maintenance instructions indicated in the product manual and in the warranty. SmartGrill Service Center info@smartgrill.com.co

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